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LoRaWAN sound level monitoring R&D

A long-term client, with a LoRaWAN gateway already sending electricity, gas and water data into BlueSkies, asked Carbon Counter for sound level monitoring options. Sound Monitoring has global value as a service to offer clients, so we decided to proceed with this R&D.

A Browna Sound Level Sensor and LoRaWAN gateway
All the hardware needed for Sound Level Monitoring

For this project the client selected a Browan Tabs Sound Level Sensor EU868, with a very reasonable price from CONNECTED THINGS.

Carbon Counter, took delivery of the device and added it to a new application in The Things Network, before returning to the client for testing around their buildings. As expected, the LoRaWAN connection to Gateway has been excellent from all the test locations.

The Things Network screen grab of decibel data
Decibel data sent to The Things Network during R&D

The Sound Level Sensor sends a data package every five minutes, the package contains the decibel value for the highest noise incident recorded in the five minute period. Also included is the temperature, which calibrated perfectly with indoor and outdoor temperatures when the device was being tested in a residential property.

The R&D has confirmed the proof of concept for noise monitoring using LoRaWAN. As a standalone project a LoRaWAN gateway will be required to collect data packets from multiple Sound Level Sensors. Carbon Counter recommend the Browan MiniHub Pro Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway

The next stage of the project, is to schedule the required coding to retrieve data packets from an IoT Stack (probably AWS IoT core) and prepare the data visualisation and reporting in the BlueSkies portal.

For more information about sound monitoring or to propose further useful R&D ideas contact Carbon Counter


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