CO2e emissions monitoring cycle

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CO2e emissions monitoring cycle from Carbon Counter

1. Measure CO2e emissions

2. Report and share CO2e emissions KPIs

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BlueSkies web app is designed to automatically display and update the KPIs calculated using the automated meter readings from your electric, gas and water meters. BlueSkies web app is best viewed on a 1920 X 1080 TV or monitor in the "full screen" mode. Clicking the above image will open a sample BlueSkies lobby display

3. Improve CO2e emissions

4. Plan and repeat

CARBON COUNTER first steps

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Carbon Counter services start by obtaining AMR (automated meter reads) from the electric, gas and water meters around your buildings, including the inaccessible meters locked in plant rooms or in access chambers on the boundary of your property. 

These meter reads are imported into BLUESKIES web application to be converted into user-friendly KPIs.

BlueSkies Lobby Display

Clicking the above will open a demo BLUESKIES  web app in a new browser tab.  The ideal monitor is 16:9 in full screen mode <F11>

Carbon Reporting | reducing CO2e

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Each kWh of power or cubic metre of water has a monetary value and environmental cost.  BLUESKIES converts the machine to machine daily data into readable reports, forecasts, efficiency analysis and management tools for Carbon and Facilities Management teams.  The data is presented in a traditional Monitoring and Targeting platform and the BLUESKIES lobby display

Electric Review and Forecast page from BlueSkies

BLUESKIES web app is delivered Software as a Service (SaaS).  If an idea has global value, it will be coded and available for all licenced users. 

BLUESKIES web application, out of the box ready for sharing electric, gas, water and CO2e emissions KPIs

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Example graph from BlueSkies by Carbon Counter
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