Use AMR data 

BLUESKIES  is designed to visualize data from any smart or advanced meter. The data may be collected from the utility company or directly from the meter depending on the hardware configuration (and who owns the electric, gas, heat or water meter)

To find opportunities

After a a few days of data collection the graphs and reports will display useful information about your buildings, e.g. the times of peak C02e emissions..

This data is saved for future reference and checked daily for rising consumption

to reduce CO2e 

BLUESKIES portal will send email alerts when power / water usage is larger than expected.

You will know that something is different on site the day it changes.  No more unexpected large Utility Bills 

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For any meter

BLUESKIES  collects automated meter readings (or counts the pulse outputs) from any smart / advanced power or water meter.

Technologies used include conventional data loggers, integrated meter modems / smart meters and LoRaWAN.

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Portal has been in development since 2011 and is the favoured AM&T portal for much of the UK Water Retail sector.

BLUESKIES portal includes a suite of tools for Admin users to fully track the alarms, make eye-ball reviews of all data and issue reports.


email alerts

Each day, the incoming AMR data is checked against agreed / expected usage, if usage is exceeded an automated email message is sent from BLUESKIES to the Facilities Manager. 

A clear visualization of CO2e emissions.

CARBON COUNTER working to monitor and reduce CO2e emission.  

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