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BLUESKIES® Energy Insight Dashboard - a single pane of glass solution for power, water and CO2e

The video is a speeded-up BLUESKIES®  Energy Dashboard demo. Use the pause and rewind options to review any page

This feature allows you to showcase your organisation's commitment to sustainability and transparency. The presentation is designed for sharing on a standard flat screen wall-mounted TV screen, making it easy for employees, customers and visitors to view and understand.


By displaying this information, you can encourage energy-efficient behaviour and help raise awareness about the environmental impact of energy consumption.


With real-time data updates, share your organisations progress towards sustainability and celebrate achievements as they happen.


Overall, the public display of KPI energy CO2e data is an effective way to demonstrate your organisation's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future.


The utilities and and carbon reports are designed for sharing a building's energy performance information in a continuous loop presentation.  Data from the electric, gas and water meters is displayed as 

  • a seven day usage graph

  • Previous years usage, with a one year ago comparison

  • A one year forecast of total CO2e emissions and energy usage

  • After each meter-point BLUESKIES® reports total CO2e emissions from all locations included in the BLUESKIES®  Energy Dashboard

At CARBON COUNTER, we offer an easy-to-use software as a service (SaaS) solution that helps businesses track their carbon emissions and reduce their carbon footprint.

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