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Carbon solutions using the BLUESKIES® energy insight dashboard and the CARBON COUNTER Monitoring and Targeting platform

25 % carbon reduction displayed on Blueskies Energy Insight Dashboard

CARBON COUNTER is designed to collect, process, analyse then present clear and concise summary utilities reports from the massive quantities of Automated Meter Readings (AMR) data sent to the cloud from the electric, gas, heat and water meters used for counting the utilities usage for your business / organisation.

Carbon Counter monitoring services icons

CARBON COUNTER recieves data from water, electric and gas meters directly into the M&T (Monitoring and Targeting Platform) to produce insightful Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) and Action Alarms sent directly to your email box.

single molecule CO2 Carbon Counter Logo

Energy Insight Dashboard view demo

The BlueSkies® Registered Trademark for the Insight Energy Dashboard

Electric, gas and water meters send automated meter readings (AMR) to the utilities companies.

CARBON COUNTER software for energy management collects these automated meter readings (AMR) to prepare the BLUESKIES® energy insight dashboard lobby display,  A single pane of glass energy dashboard for sharing the progress of your organisation’s Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) for electricity, gas and water.

The AMR data is converted into energy consumed graphs and a carbon briefing slide presentation designed for display in public spaces, a dynamic upgrade to static Energy Performance Certificates often displayed in buildings.

The BLUESKIES® energy insight dashboard is powered by a Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) platform, designed to empower your team with access to essential energy management information and reports.  An essential Net Zero tool for every organisation.

Electric, gas and


Gas and Electric meters are sending half hour data off site.  This data is available for preparing the Lobby Display for your buildings.

BlueSkies water icon
Electricity icon used in Carbon Counter Monitoring and Targeting Platform

The Utilities Manager M&T database that feeds the  BLUESKIES® energy dashboard holds data from UK Water Retailers

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