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BLUESKIES lobby display compared with Monitoring and Targeting portals

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BLUESKIES  web app display available for everyone

M&T data view limited to the Facilities Manager or Finance Department

BLUESKIES  web app is easy to understand

M&T platforms are often complicated, a steep learning curve.

Every time the Energy M&T portal changes there is a new platform to learn

BLUESKIES  web app is CARBON COUNTER's core product. 

An M&T platform is not the core business of “big energy" so customers’ M&T portal account set-up is sometimes neglected.

Curated data BLUESKIES  web app only displays KPIs

In M&T portals the best data view can be many clicks behind the login page

Perfect data continuity, even after changing energy supplier BLUESKIES  retains historical energy usage and receives on-going data from the fiscal meters

At the end of an energy contract access to the "big energy" M&T portal ends

BLUESKIES  web application, out of the box ready for sharing electric, gas, water and CO2e emissions KPIs


single molecule CO2

Electric, gas and water revenue meters in commerical buildings send automated meter readings (AMR) off-site to be used by the utilities companies.

With a Letter of Authority CARBON COUNTER can intercept these automated meter reading to prepare the BLUESKIES web application lobby display, smart metering for businesses.

Collect electric, gas and


All advanced Electric and Gas  revenue meters are sending half hour data off site.  This data is available for preparing the Lobby Display for your buildings.

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The Utilities Manager database that feeds BLUESKIES web app with automated meter readings includes thousands of data sets

BLUESKIES collects automated meter reads from the electric, gas and water meters around your buildings.  This data is converted into user-friendly usage and CO2e emissions reports,

The building's performance KPIs prepared for sharing as a a rolling presentation on a monitor or TV.

BlueSkies Lobby Display

Clicking the above will open a demo BLUESKIES  web app in a new browser tab.  The ideal monitor is 16:9 in full screen mode <F11>

BLUESKIES lobby display is designed for public spaces

single molecule CO2

The video is a speeded-up BLUESKIES  web app demo. Use the pause and rewind options to review any page

BLUESKIES energy and carbon reports are designed for sharing a building's energy performance information in a continuous loop presentation.  Data from the electric, gas and water meters is displayed as 

  • a seven day usage graph

  • Previous 13 months usage, with a one year comparison

  • A one year forecast of total CO2e emissions and energy usage

  • After each meter-point BLUESKIES reports total CO2e emissions from all locations included in the BLUESKIES building report.

BLUESKIES  web app is delivered Software as a Service (SaaS).  If an idea has global value, it will be coded and available for all licenced users. 

Self-financing with a short payback period. The first BLUESKIES alert for energy wastage will recover the licence fee.

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