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Carbon Emissions and Utilities Data Monitoring using one web-based application, powering the
LUESKIES® energy dashboard and the CARBONCOUNTER monitoring and targeting platform

CARBON COUNTER is designed to analyse and present clear and concise summary utilities reports from the massive quantities of utilities and environmental data sent to the cloud by modern buildings in smart cities. 

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CARBON COUNTER is hardware and data format agnostic so all existing data sets can be imported into the Monitoring and Targeting Platform to produce insightful energy reports.

At CARBON COUNTER, we strive to offer our customers the best software as a service experience. We are dedicated to helping our clients reach their sustainability goals by providing them with powerful and reliable data tracking solutions. Our software allows users to track their environmental and energy data in near real-time and store it securely.

We also offer a wide range of services such as utilities data analysis and reporting, as well as hardware and software integration. Furthermore, our team of experts is available to offer personalized advice and support. Also, if some of the required data sets are not available,
CARBON COUNTER will advise on the cost-effective hardware solutions that will complete your data gathering projects.

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Electric, gas and water revenue meters in commerical buildings send automated meter readings (AMR) to the utilities companies.

CARBON COUNTER software for energy management collects these automated meter readings (AMR) to prepare the BLUESKIES® web application energy dashboard lobby display, 

A single pane of glass energy dashboard for sharing the progress of your organisation’s Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) for electricity, gas and water.

The AMR data is converted into a utility usage and CO2e emissions slide presentation designed for display in public spaces, a dynamic upgrade to static Energy Performance Certificates often displayed.

The BLUESKIES energy dashbaord is powered by a Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) platform, designed for easy access to essential utilities management information and reports.

Electric, gas and


Electric and Gas  revenue meters are sending half hour data off site.  This data is available for preparing the Lobby Display for your buildings.

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The Utilities Manager M&T database that feeds BLUESKIES web app with automated meter readings includes thousands of data sets

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