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BLUESKIES on-boarding process

on-boarding form

BLUESKIES web application on-boarding Letter of Authority details

Contact details for the day to day admin of the BLUESKIES platform


Your MPAN is on your electricity bill, usually in a box marked 'Supply Number'. It is 21 digits long and begins with 'S'. 


The MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number) is used to identify the gas meter. The MPRN will always stay the same at the property and never changes. It is also sometimes referred to as your ‘M number’.

It is a unique 6-10 digit number. You will not find this number on your meter.

Electric and Gas meter / supply details

electric supply number example

Format for MPAN number


Essential Terms and Conditions

The information is stored in compliance with data regulations and shared on a need to know basis.

Thank you for submitting. We will phone you to confirm the details and explain what happens next and how to obtain maximum benefits form the BlueSkies web app

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