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Displaying Electric / Gas data in the BLUESKIES web app

Electricity icon in the BlueSkies web app
Gas icon in BlueSkies web app
All advanced electricity and gas revenue meters are already sending half hour data off site from businesses and organisations. 

These Automated Meter Readings are used by Energy Suppliers for preparing accurate bills and the electric and gas distribution companies for balancing supply and demand.

In the United Kingdom  OFGEM (The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets) has regulated that a standardised data file is used for sharing electricity and gas data between businesses.

With a Letter of Authority CARBON COUNTER can request the csv files containing your electricity and gas usage data are shared with us.


These automated meter reading files are easy to import into the Utilities Manager database for display in the BLUESKIES Lobby Display.

Adding these available electric / gas data sets to a BLUESKIES Lobby display is a standardised process, the data belongs to your organisation / business and will improve the visibility of power usage / CO2e emissions around your estate.

Change the visibility of power used around your properties | buildings | estate. At present, the monthly invoice is viewed by the accountant. Using a BLUESKIES Lobby Display the utilities used and resulting CO2e emissions can be shared with all colleagues.

BlueSkies Lobby Display

BLUESKIES web app payback period

2% nudge.png
Gas icon in BlueSkies web app
The Maths

Granton Boarders annual gas spend


BLUESKIES meter point location licence fee




Granton Boarders annual saving with 2% nudge


BLUESKIES payback period

22.89 days

Electric and Gas kWh prices are at a record high point so a small percentage saving on the monthly energy bill equates to significant savings.

 two routes to lower energy spend 

BLUESKIES Lobby Display, all eyes watching

The BLUESKIES Lobby display is designed to share energy used in a building, on a flat screen TV for everyone to see. 

Research shows that energy usage can be reduced by sharing energy consumption. The level of savings that can be achieved by public awareness depends on the building’s characteristics

CARBON COUNTER Monitoring & Targeting Portal method

M&T platforms are designed for the Facilities Management Team to login and review the electric, gas and water used around a property portfolio. 


The Carbon Counter M&T platform offers a powerful suite of data analysis tools in an easy to use graphical user interface.

Data mining in the CARBON COUNTER Monitoring and Targeting Portal.

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