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Water Retailers sending amr data to carbon counter

The primary use of this data is to provide accurate estimated meter reads for billing purposes.  Some data may be used for efficiency monitoring.

Utilities Manager is the  market-leading Monitoring and Targeting portal for water retailers in the United Kingdom.  Every day more locations are added to the platform as new data loggers are installed. 

BLUESKIES® is designed to display data from all the water data loggers.

With an LoA we are able to collect water data from any smart / advanced utilities data logger.

The Utilities Manager database that feeds the BLUESKIES® Energy Insight Dashboard with automated meter readings includes thousands of data sets from water meters fitted in buildings  by water companies.

Adding these available water data sets to a BLUESKIES® Insight Dashboard is a quick process and will improve the visibility of water usage around your estate.

If there is an undetected leak in your properties / buildings / estate you’ll see it on BLUESKIES® and call a water leak contractor to find and fix the issue.

Potentially saving thousands of pounds of water damage.

water icon used in Energy Dashboard and Monitoring and Targeting Portal
Water usage annual forecast graphic

Empower Your Decision Making with insight Water Data

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