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Talkpool OY1310 Single-jet LoRaWAN Smart Water Meter Review

Cost effective water sub-metering | near real-time data

A client had specified using the Arad Gladiator integrated LoRaWAN water meter for a project. During testing the Gladiator it was realised that 15 minute data granularity was not a pre-configured option. Therefore an alternative advanced water metering solution, with integrated AMR was needed to complete the project.

Carbon Counter complete R&D, deployment and sign-off in a five day period


Installed Talkpool lorawan water meter

Monday – an email exchange with Sensational Systems Limited trading as Connected Things confirmed the 15-minute option was available, and the required devices were purchased.

Tuesday – devices arrived were registered on the TTN v.3 then activated. Assembling the meters, twisting the head onto the body activates the LoRa transmissions.

Talkpool lorawan water meter before assembly

Wednesday to Friday Wednesday – assembled meters collected by the sub-contractor for installation.

Thursday – The sub-contractor fitted four activated Talkpool OY1310 Single-jet LoRaWAN Smart Water Meters, at rural agriculture sites in Northumberland, Northern England and in the Scottish Border.

Carbon Counter followed the installer round to install appropriate LoRaWAN gateways. Fortunately, all the sites had wifi, so the TNN Indoor Gateway Pro Version was suitable for data collection.

Also, if the end-client wants to try other LoRaWAN devices, there are many for agricultural settings, the gateway is ready.

Before leaving each site, was possible to confirm data packets were received into TNN v.3 from the water meters.

Friday – Developer, who was on standby notice about the task, decoded the data packets. The location data sets were added into BlueSkies AMR data portal.

Talkpool lorawan water meter data in BlueSkies

This accelerated hardware deployment worked in part due to the excellent hardware design and the data packets are conveniently agreeable for BlueSkies system architecture. Unlike the Arad Gladiator LoRaWAN meter which is delivered as an assembled unit the Talkpool OY1310 Single-jet LoRaWAN water meter is supplied as a dumb water meter with a separate LoRawan module.

The meter conforms to EU standards so is suitable for billing.

The battery life of the LoRaWAN module is documented as 10 years. When the battery is discharged a replacement module can be attached to the original meter.

Complete technical details are available online. The £155 (ex VAT) cost of Talkpool OY1310 Single-jet LoRaWAN Smart Water Meter together with a Browan MiniHub Pro Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway is excellent value for a sub-metering project. You’ll need to hire a local water engineer to fit the water meter. Carbon Counter will assist remotely with meter and gateway configuration AND provide a location licence for 24 / 7 access to your data.

UPDATE TALKPOOL Water Meter tested with success on three LoRaWAN Network Servers

Using the Helium or TTN Carbon Counter may be able collect the data without the need to install a gateway.

If you are a Facilities Management Company interested in deploying this set-up at as number of locations we'd love to hear from you to talk about location licences and options for sharing the Carbon Counter IoT Stack etc.

In conclusion, Talkpool OY1310 Single-jet LoRaWAN Smart Water Meters will be used by Carbon Counter for future projects.


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