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The oldest electricity usage monitored meter in Carbon Counter

An English Electric Ferrias Meter fitted with LoRaWAN M&T hardware
An English Electric Ferrias Meter fitted with LoRaWAN M&T hardware

Remarkably, the oldest ferraris meter with KWh electricity usage monitoring set up by Carbon Counter was installed in the 1960s

AMR data from a Ferrias Electric Meter originally installed during the 1960s

The Monitoring and Targeting Dashboard graphs, reports and BlueSkies® Lobby Display are powered by automated meter readings from all generations of Electric, Gas and Water meters.

The technology used to collect the above Automated Meter Readings (AMR) data is a LoRaWAN device. Fitting this data logger did not require the powering down of the electricity supply because the optical reader is attached to the front glass panel on the meter.

Over the decades this meter has suffered a few knocks but the glass panel, although cracked and part missing, is stable enough to attach the optical reader.

The LoRaWAN Network Server used to receive this data is connected to the Helium Network so no additional on-site hardware items, such as a Data Gateway or modem fitted with a SIM card were required.

The meter and data logger are in a plant room housing Industrial Transformers, a hostile environment for data packets.

Carbon Counter can advise about the monitoring options for most electric, gas and water meters and advise which data gathering hardware works accurately with each meter..

One of many unique features of the Carbon Counter is that all utilities data when imported is converted into common standardised format for display in the BlueSkies® Lobby Display.

Carbon Counter also includes a powerful data export engine that can create a single csv file that includes all the periodic data ingested by Carbon Counter.

Agreed, the range of technology available for electricity usage monitoring projects is very wide. Most importantly, the data collected by Carbon Counter, from all of the data loggers available, is easy to access and is presented in a clear style.

Users of the Carbon Counter Monitoring and Targeting Portal do reduce CO2e emissions and spend on electric, gas and water.

Typical Electric spend graph with a 2% blueskies Nudge
Typical Electric spend graph


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