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CO2e added to your job description?

Firstly, congratulations for your new role, effective monitoring CO2e will result in monetary saving. Also, well done for using the internet search engine to bring you to Carbon Counter website to read about the tools and services on offer.

Historical data might be available in a portal supplied by your electric, gas or water supply company, This might be a list of meter readings used for billing or continuous data from a smart meter / data logger. In many countries there is a legal requirement to collect data from buildings for monitoring the supply network efficiency.

Whatever type of data, it can be added to Carbon Counter to create accurate historical graphic reports detailing average daily consumption that can be used for setting realistic forecasts for water and energy needs around your organisation.

Next task will be to audit your existing electric, gas and water meters and contact the Utility Companies about the options for accessing the utility data remotely where you have smart meters fitted.


If the revenue meters are not being monitored, they can be retro-fitted with a data monitoring pulse counter or optical reader. Regulations for attaching data loggers vary around the world

Hopefully, with technical support (and an LoA) your meter data can be sent Carbon Counter every day and the process of managing change begins. Together we’ll agree some targets, make forecasts and set levels for email alarms.

Every day, as new data arrives into the Carbon Counter your usage is checked. Below is an extract from an email alert which shows water flow during the night of about 500 litres / hour


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