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The maths - Payback for using BlueSkies

Gas power and water graphic to introduce payback for BlueSkies lobby display

The BlueSkies concept is to display electric, gas, water and CO2e data on a single pane of glass. These rolling displays of KPIs can be seen by all the colleagues, visitors and stakeholders in your organisation.

The concept of nudge theory for improving (reducing) utilities usage by presenting clear and well-designed data is yet to be proven. Many technologically advanced utilities companies are offering in home displays to domestic customers as a tool to trim energy usage and identify opportunities for savings.

Anecdotal findings are that data summaries do help households reduce energy used and the associated cost.

What if displaying energy data can help commercial and public organisations reduce energy and water usage?

For many organisations a couple of percentage points reduction on the annual utilities spend is several thousand Pounds (or dollars/ euros /yen etc)

Carbon Counter offer is a combined Monitoring & Targeting Portal with the BlueSkies public data visualisation tool. Businesses have been using M&T platforms to identify energy / cost / CO2e saving opportunities for over a decade. The first version of Carbon Counter M&T platform was launched in 2012.

The proposal is to share a few selected Energy KPIs on a single pane of glass in the lobby or foyer. The annual cost for adding an electric, gas or water data set to the BlueSkies display is £180 (which includes a traditional M&T portal).

Carbon Counter has the electric and gas kWh usage profiles for buildings in many sectors. The range of costs for commercial electric,gas and water offered are in the public domain. The below graph display the monthly spend and the impact of a small % nudge towards improved efficiencies.

Typical Electric spend graph with a 2% blueskies Nudge
Typical Electric spend graph

Typical Gas spend graph with a 2% blueskies Nudge
Gas spend for a School Building

Granton Boarders annual gas spend


BLUESKIES meter point location licence fee




​Annual saving with 2% nudge


​BLUESKIES payback period

22.89 days​


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