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Earth Day - Electricity Energy Dashboard | 3 months free subscription

An English Electric Ferrias Meter fitted with LoRaWAN M&T hardware
This offer is to collect Half Hour KWh data from the electricity revenue meter

To mark Earth Day 2024 Carbon Counter are offering a free 3 month subscription to the Electricity Energy Dashboard

To increase energy awareness Carbon Counter already partners with several of the specialist electricity Data Collectors, known as DCs, to visualise the power used by our clients.

We'll organise the automated data delievery from your electric meter to the Energy Dashboard.

The only requirement is a Letter of Authority for Carbon Counter to automatically recieve the data files.

For customers in the United Kingdom there is no associated hardware cost as the Electricity data is free to collect and the Carbon Counter software platform has code prepared to recieve this electricity data. 

At the end of the 3 month trial the choices are : 

  • Unsubscribe from Carbon Counter services

  • Extend the Electricity Energy Dashboard subscription and we can talk about Water and Gas data visbility.


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