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Sensing labs optical pulse counter

The Sensing labs optical pulse counter has several advantages over other data collecting options for Electric

Quick and easy access to electric data | zero disruption

Installing and fitting electricity monitoring hardware can be disruptive to the working of a busy factory or business park. Installing smart meters requires the Facilities Manager to agree to a time to power-down the building so the electricians can install replacement in-line smart checking meters or other similar solutions. Alternatively, the option is to bring the electricians on site during the evening or weekend incurring an out of hours labour charge for this electricity monitoring option. The latest IoT LoRaWAN monitoring equipment from Sensing-Labs is so simple to deploy, saving electrical technicians installation time and eliminating the need to power down the existing electric meter.

Sensing-labs optical pulse counter LoRaWAN data direct to Carbon Counter

This solution works for any electric meter with a flashing pulse LED output. There is no need to remove the terminal cover to access the pulse output terminal ports (or read the user manual) Simply attach, using self-adhesive tape, the optical probe over the flashing LED output. The installation process is easy and Carbon Counter provides a checklist with the order of events.

electric meter with optical probe

The data can be collected to any data granularity, Carbon Counter recommends the setting as 15/60 (the cumulative pulse count is logged every 15 minutes and transmitted to Carbon Counter, using the Things Network, every 60 minutes) If you already use half hour data this option is available. As the Sensing-Labs optical probe sends data to the Carbon Counter portal the graphs and reports are updated. Also, the alerts services check for excessive usage, sending email alerts to the Facilities Management Team

In summary, the Sensing-Labs optical probe can be quickly installed onto any electricity meter with LED pulse output with 24/7 data monitoring through Carbon Counter Automated Monitoring and Targeting services.


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