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Seeking Research and Development partners

Options for tracking the temperature, humidity and decibel levels will soon be available in the BlueSkies portal.

The coding is being prepared and the icons graphic are agreed.

Agreed icons for temperature, sound and humidity
Agreed icons for temperature, sound and humidity

Monitoring of environmental indicators will use Amazon Web Services Internet of Things AWS IoT) combined with LoRaWAN hardware. The data will be collected from the AWS cloud storage for display in BlueSkies.

Browan Tabs Smart Building Sensors and Elsys ELT2 devices are being tested for these services. The Building Sensor cost is very affordable (UK supplier). The devices are easy to self-activate, saving the cost of a site visit.

In addition to the Building Sensors a LoRaWAN gateway is needed. (UK supplier)

Interested in partnering with Carbon Counter for a complimentary remote trial?

On offer is a permanent evaluation licence for up to five building sensors with an on-going discounted license fee for new installs.

Contact Carbon Counter for the exact annual licence fee in GBP, EUR or USD.

To join the trial simply buy the required hardware
To join the trial simply buy the required hardware

Share the Building Sensors commissioning keys with Carbon Counter and we’ll register the devices in our AWS IoT account where the coding is prepared to collect the data

  • Register the MiniHub Gateway, following our guidance notes

  • Switch on the Building Sensors

  • We’ll set-up your BlueSkies account and name the building data sets

  • View you data in the BlueSkies portal

Temperature and humidity sensors perfectly compliment the kWh data gathered from your gas and electric revenue meter

Note : if you want to leave the trial at any point let us know and your hardware will be unregistered from CarbonCounter AWS IoT account and can be used elsewhere.

This proposal is global, no geographical restrictions


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