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practical help with kWh Raw Data

raw kWh electric data

The media, scientists and metrologists are united in warning that Carbon Emissions must be reduced if long-term damage to the ecology of planet Earth is to be avoided.  Politicians will make statements about responsibilities of other states and claims about the green credentials of their own economies.

Recent proposal is that a US sale of pollution rights of 4 trillion USD ($4,000,000,000,000) would dramatically reduce the overall cost of achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050

Carbon Counter Blue Skies, is a service provided in a web-browser portal designed to monitor and report energy used at the single gas, electric and water metering points in a building and the consolidated total CO2e footprint of organisations such as Universities, Municipal Authorities and multiple site retailers.

How can I count the Energy Carbon Footprint of my Company?

The data for counting the CO2e footprint is already available for many companies, the Energy Supply Firms are installing advanced or smart meters which are used for network balancing and accurate billing purposes. Where available historical data is added to Blue Skies Carbon Counter can collect the data from all the smart meters (LoA required) and create powerful reports and forecasts about your Carbon Footprint.

metal works forecast CO2e for 2021

Carbon Counter Forecasting tool is designed to work with a % change of energy / water usage from the previous year.

For this location the Forecasts are set at a usage 7% lower than 2020. #CO2e #kWh


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