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Importing UK revenue meter data into BlueSkies

All advanced revenue meters are already sending data off-site to the Energy Suppliers and other interested parties. There are always contracts and charges in place for these data services, which are often "hidden" as extra rows on the Energy Invoices.

Automated Meter Reading data ready Electric Revenue Meters in the United Kingdom
Automated Meter Reading data ready Electric Revenue Meters in the United Kingdom

Carbon Counter propose accessing this data as the first action towards understanding the CO2e emission footprint of the electricity and gas consumed by the building in your estate.

In the UK the process for viewing this AMR data in BlueSkies is :

  • Confirm permission for Carbon Counter to collect Automated Meter Readings (AMR) data with Letter of Authority.

  • Confirm the MPRN (meter point reference number) for gas or MOP (meter operator provider) number for electricity, These numbers are printed on the supplier bills.

With the LoA and MPRN / MOP numbers Carbon Counter can access the central databases holding the supplier details for your electricity, gas and water meters, (to reference where the AMR data from the revenue meters is sent).

Many companies are unaware of the extra contracts for MOP / DC / DA and MAM that are in place for their gas and electricity supply. As these contracts lapse, they are referred to as “evergreen”, and always on a higher rate than usual services.

With information about the data collector, a provisioning agreement might be required between the owner of the data and your organisation. The process is similar for all Data Collector businesses.

The Electricity Data Collector STARK will send data immediately for existing clients (at no cost)

Other companies may produce contracts and insist on minimum time periods etc. to cover the additional set-up work to provide AMR data.

Putting new bespoke contracts in place for existing data services will always reduce costs and increase price transparency.

BlueSkies has scripts prepared for electric and gas data. Soon as the data export is sent to an ftp folder or IMAP mail box the location data can be added to your user account.


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