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Greenhouse gas emissions carbon footprint calculation explained

The greenhouse gas carbon footprint calculation Yearly total forecast (actual) consumption / 1000 * co2multiplier

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The tonnes Greenhouse Gas CO2e annual calculation requires the data listed below

The total electric, gas and water used.

The CO2e multiplier applied to the utility.

Carbon Counter offers far more than the end of year calculation.

Each day the Carbon Counter portal recalculates the projected annual carbon footprint using an algorithm. This calculation uses the carbon multipliers published by governments.

The United Kingdom Government publishes an annual spreadsheet (MS Excel) with the multipliers and detailed user notes.

Screengrab of the UK Government Greenhouse Gas reporting page

Carbon Counter review the latest edition of this document and update the emissions calculation engine with the latest multipliers.

screngrab of the carbon emissions engine in BlueSkies data portal

Notice the steady fall in the UK Greenhouse Gas reporting multiplier for electricity since 2013. This reduction in the kWh to kg CO2e multiplier is the result of the United Kingdom moving away from coal / gas powered electricity generation to renewable electricity generation from off-shore wind farms.

The emissions calculation engine can use multipliers supplied by all governmental or global organisation, with different date range.

With the assortment of smart and advanced meters sending data to Carbon Counter we have all the information needed to make the calculation.

Yearly total forecast (actual) consumption / 1000 * CO2e multiplier

Note 1 : divide by 1000 converts kg to tonnes Note 2 : All calculations use International System of Units (metric)

Forecasts and Greenhouse Gas / Carbon Footprint calculations for electricity, gas and water are available for all locations


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