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BlueSkies – Nudge Theory

Nudge Theory is based upon the idea that by shaping the environment, also known as the choice architecture, one can influence the likelihood that one option is chosen over another by individuals.

Nudge Theory for energy usage is in the pilot stage of a European Union funded research and innovation programme. There are many reports and publications which suggest that people do change options when presented with information about better outcomes, such as lower kWh usage with a reduction in CO2e emissions.

Agreed icons for temperature, sound and humidity
Without any feedback about energy usage it is unlikely that energy conservation actions will become habitual.

The BlueSkies Web App is designed to shape a building’s environment through sharing information about when electric, gas and water are used in a visual reminder that automated meter reads are collected continuously.

Many buildings are monitored by an appointed Facilities or Environmental Manager with Finance Department aware of the fiscal cost of energy and water. Typically, other users of the building, students, work colleagues, general public, contractors etc. are not made aware of the building’s environmental impact.

The BlueSkies web app will take AMR (automated meter readings) data, that is being collected by advanced or smart meters, for preparing KPI reports in a graphical style that tells the energy story of the data from 24 months ago to the latest 15 or 30 minute period kWh usage.

All the positive impact nudges are visualised the BlueSkies web app


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