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Data Granularity



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If electricity, gas or water data can be delivered to Carbon Counter it can be displayed in the Energy Dashboard.

An important topic is data granularity, meaning how frequently a meter read is collected by the monitoring data logger. 


In the UK most advanced meters are collecting half hour data but transmit the data once per day.  This is 30 / 1440.

A meter read data point for each 30 minute period but delivered to every 1440 minutes. 

The LoRaWAN IoT data loggers will provide a meter reading for each 15 minute period with transmission multiple times each day. Typical settings are 15/60, 15/120, 15/240 

Carbon Counter can receive and report when data is :

  • 15 minute

  • 30 minute

  • 60 minute

  • Daily

  • Irregular - using a  meter read supplied 1 or 2 times each month

Identifying opportunities to reduce carbon emissions through data review is easier with 15 or 30 minute data granularity.

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