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BLUESKIES password reset

Ideally you have two monitors for this

blueskies login.png

The first time you login the Account Management page will open

BLUESKIES data portal passwords are not known to site administrators

To set your password a one-time password will be shared with you.  Follow the instructions below to switch to a permanent secure password.

1.  Login to BLUESKIES using your supplied Username and One-time password

BlueSkies client account management page

2.  Input your email address.  Note : the email address must be unique to BLUESKIES 

change email in BlueSkies account page

important information

The e-mail address will be used as a forgotten password contact so input accurately

After clicking the Change e-mail button a slider will appear to confirm the unique e-mail address is updated in the system.

BlueSkies email changed success

Also - the button temporarily changes colour to red.

3.  Input the BLUESKIES one-time login password in the one-time password field

BlueSkies password input

4.  Input your password into the New password field and the New passport (again) field.

important information

Minimum secure password requirement : 8 characters including a special character, uppercase and digit

5.  Click the CHANGE PASSWORD button a green slider will confirm Successfully change password

BlueSkies password changed success

Enjoy BLUESKIES data view
Any questions or need help contact us

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